Core Value

As a reputable company we have our driving force which leads our daily operations. By going through them below they will tell you our standpoint

Excellent services
What you need-we have it and we deliver professionally. That is what is in our hearts. We listen to our traveler's needs then make sure we deliver. If there are special things our guests need, our team communicates promptly to ensure all parties are on the same page. As a truly local company, we have a great knowledge of our wildlife, landscapes, and our people. And yet we have a desire of showing it to you, so it will become your knowledge and experience too.
Everyone at the Tour Communito expedition has a passion for service. From the person who tailors your package, the person who greets you at the airport to the team dedicated to uncovering extraordinary experiences. You will encounter our passion at every turn.
All our ears are ready for you every time. Consistency in our service is our daily job and not a choice. We constantly work to meet our high standard service provision that we are determined to provide and of course what our guest needs. We regularly reviewing our performance to maintain our standards and live beyond client’s expectations.
Tour Communito Expedition has a memorable experience which we use to service you from the first contact to your departure time. You will feel our experience leave a lifetime experience to you during the time you spent in our beautiful country. Our guides are so expert and focused to help clients to explore, including finding good spots and amazing moments to ensure all client’s needs are meant.
Community Involvement
We show strong loyalty to the communities in which we work by setting up long-term partnerships with local organizations and institutions. This allows us to make a long-term contribution to the social needs such as health centers, schools, orphanage centers, villages, street children…. and economic prosperity of the communities where our volunteers are placed.
Sustainable and responsible tourism
We are committed to making a positive difference to you and to the places visited. We draw on our legacy of adventure, experience, and knowledge, our commitment is to provide travelers with opportunities to explore our destinations while meeting their needs, and obeying conservation measures of the environment.