Medical and Social Volunteerism

Are you looking to advance meaningful medical & Social volunteer experience and serve underprivileged people in Tanzania?

Medical and Social Volunteerism

We as Tour Communito Expedition we recognize the importance of doing medical and social volunteering activities in the Community. Everybody knows that Health is a unique and essential need in the society, as an essential need we all need to travel around the world for the pleasure, studies and exposure. Likewise, we can connect you with different groups in Tanzania in an affordable price to practice your volunteer activities.

We do all kinds Volunteering activities such as Medical and Health Volunteer, Child care, Teachings, wild life and animals, Environmental services, Arts and Music, Construction and Renovation, sports, supporting NGOs, Women Empowerment, Community Development, Elderly care and special need.


Are you a doctor, dentist, nurse, Physiotherapist, pharmacist, Lab scientist, Veterinary or any other field related?

Are you Pre-Health Student? If you’re willing to bring efforts in Tanzania by provision of health care services through volunteering your mostly welcome. Now you have a chance to communicate with us and we organize and place you in different health care facilities such as Dispensaries, District hospital Regional referral hospitals and zonal hospitals all over around Tanzania and specific in Arusha Region.

Have a chance now to use and exercise your earned specialized skills and experiences in medical field for the people who don’t have reliable access to get health care services.

Are you real willing to assist those people in the rural areas who don’t have regular opportunity to see a doctor, nurse or other medical personnel? Now we give you an opportunity to serve the community by placing you in different health care facilities where you can practice your professional and acquire new skills with gaining new experiences to advance your career.

While in the volunteering activities we can also organize a safari for you during your stay in Tanzania.

Have you ever wanted to travel to Africa and Tanzania to experience the beautiful scenery and learn about their culture and traditions? Yes, by joining our volunteers program you will get to do all that.

Tanzania is an amazing place to be it is a tourist country the home of NgoroNgoro. Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is still a developing country and millions of people live below the poverty line. Issues such as poverty, the, quality healthcare is limited and only provided in major cities.

The rural areas have been in constant struggle for years to get access quality and affordable healthcare services. However, there are a few public hospitals trying their best help local people who welcome international volunteers giving you an incredible opportunity to learn and to serve the local people.

Our medical volunteering program in Tanzania will provide you with a great opportunity to gain professional experience and provide medical attention to underprivileged patients while exploring Tanzania’s beauty and cultures.

Do you want to go on an amazing adventure while making a difference and gaining vast amounts of practical medical experience?
If you’re seeking a career in medicine but are more concerned with finding solutions to medical problems than directly applying healing methods to patients, medical research may be for you.

Medical research internships offer you practical knowledge in scientific research of medical issues.

The internship includes clinical investigation, technical writing, drug application review, and many more areas. You can also learn niche subjects like tissue culture, nucleic acid, molecular biology, differentiated cell analysis, and cryogenics.

The internship will let you assist professional scientists and seek their guidance.

The medical research internship will help you make an informed decision about your medical career as it gives you a solid foundation in laboratory science and research.

New discoveries and technical innovations prove that the field of medical research is expanding, and researchers are in demand.

We will help you with:

  • Research Permit
  • Accommodation
  • Logistics

Underprivileged people are dying from preventable causes. Our staff and volunteers are working to change that by bringing basic but life-saving medical care. Going where we are needed most, we mobilize staff and volunteers quickly to save lives and leave communities healthier.

Our Calling: We bravely break walls to health and renovate wholeness in a brokenhearted world.


Our Values

We Are Brave:
We are bold and we know it takes bravery to break down barriers and do what we do.
We Are Responsible:
We take our responsibilities and role seriously. We have integrity in all we do.
We Are Firm:
We have that can do spirit. We don’t give up when the going gets tough.
We Are Unselfish:
We put others before ourselves. Always. That is who we are.
We Are Not Alone:
We know God is always with us as we stand in solidarity with others.
Volunteers’ Responsibilities & Impact

As a volunteer working in the Tanzania for a certain project, your responsibilities will depend on your level of training, certifications and licensing. All activities for the volunteers will be monitored under the supervisor so you will not work alone.

As a volunteer with or without experience, you shadow and observe the work will help them according to your skills in different field. Volunteers with specialties will be able to help in their specific fields. A given field may also be provided with basic trainings and guidance on what you should practice. Again, depending on qualifications and experience.

Our volunteering programs are designed to help you gain practical hands-on experience and a 360-degree view of different industries. Volunteer are placed in a variety of roles including research, healthcare policy, fundraising & advocacy, and community outreach.

We also work with clinical trial administrators and charitable hospital foundations, meaning there is a range of options well suited to volunteers who envision a future in nursing, medical research, public health advocacy, or another healthcare related sector. Volunteering opportunity provides the competitive edge required to be accepted to top positions and medical schools.

Responsibilities may include:
  1. Recording and analyzing a patient’s diagnostics
  2. Researching and reporting on clinical studies
  3. Performing lab research
  4. Communicating with patients directly to collect background information (bilingual skills preferred)
  5. Assisting doctors with clinical needs inside the facility