Why Volunteer in Tanzania.

Tanzania is an amazing place to be. It is a tourist country, the home of Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and many great adventurous places. Tanzania is still a developing country and millions of people live below the poverty line. Issues such as poverty, quality healthcare, clean water, and power supply are limited in some areas.

Our Volunteering program in Tanzania will provide you with a great opportunity to gain professional experience and provide attention to underprivileged societies and people while exploring Tanzania’s beauty and cultures.

Where can I volunteer?

Medical and Health
If you’re seeking a career in medicine but are more concerned with finding solutions to medical problems than directly applying healing methods to patients, medical research may be for you. Medical volunteers from various specialties such as surgery, physiotherapists, Physicians, Anesthesiologist, nurses, clinicians, lab technologists, pharmacists, psychiatry, etc Volunteers in this field will be able to attend to patients in health facilities and outpatients and cooperate with other specialists in diagnosis, research, and operating procedures. Community outreach participation in delivering health services and education.
Education and Sports
Delivering education, sports, and various occupational activities in schools and learning institutions. Take part in educational research in Tanzanian institutions and be a cause to making education available for many Tanzanians.
Environmental services, Wildlife and Animals
Promote environmental preservation and work with organizations that deal with sustaining the environment. Take part in animal reserve projects that include preserving the wild, taking part in anti_illegal hunting campaigns, and taking care of the wild.
Art and Music
Experience diverse cultures in Tanzanian music and arts in different communities and practice in hand activities like beading and crafting.
Child care, Elderly care and Special needs
Delivering care to young children and elders that live in various elderly homes and orphanages around the area. Be of service to special needs people including teaching them and providing mental and physical support.
Supporting NGO's
Be of support to different Non-governmental agencies in the country and take part in the issues concerning these NGOs including their relations with the government.
Other Projects
Volunteers can take part in other projects like women's projects, community development, construction and innovative works, and much more.