Payment terms and methods

Payment term: To confirm your booking, we require a 30% deposit and the outstanding amount to be paid 30 days before the arrival date.

We have two methods of payment

  • Online Credit card
  • Wire Transfer
Online Credit Card Payment

Is the fastest way and most expedient way of making payment. With this method, there is …. % bank charge added by the sender on top of the payable amount

FAQ for credit card payment

Why paying with credit card?
Online credit card is the fastest method of making payment without going through many bank procedures. Once the transaction is successful, we receive the approval on our end. Apart from the bank charge mentioned, there is no other extra amount involved.
Which Credit cards can I use to pay?
You can pay by using VISA, Master cards, and American Express. Open the link preferred to receive the form for initiating the transaction.
Why there is bank charge?
..% is the mount charged directly by the bank and not Tour Communito Expedition. The amount is deducted per transaction when making any payment by using online credit card
How can I know my credit card payment has gone through?
Once you confirm the payment on the online form, you will automatically receive the approval of the payment where you need to save it for your record and send us a copy to confirm your booking immediately.
What next after credit card approval?
The moment we receive your payment we confirm your booking and update your invoice for records.
What happen when my credit card payment fails?
If your transaction fail, you should contact your bank to authorize the payment to our bank in Tanzania. Sometimes banks put restrictions to transfer money outside just to avoid frauds. After confirmation with your bank you should try again.
Wire transfer:

This is the method that takes a minimum of 7 working days for funds to arrive into our account. When transferring the fund make sure you double-check the form that the details provided are correct account details. Using this method, there are bank charges added by the sender on top of the transferred amount.

FAQ for wire transfer method

How do I make wire transfer?
A wire transfer can be done either through online banking or by visiting the bank and follow all bank producers for making payment. It is important to make sure our bank account filled are correct to avoid uncertainty.
How much bank charges should be kept for beneficiary bank account?
Depending on the bank used to make the payment, but approximately $... should be kept as provisional for a beneficiary bank account.
What happen after I make the transfer?
Once you have completed the wire transfer you need to send us a scanned copy of your payment confirmation so we can follow up with our bank.
How long will it take for the fund to arrive into your account?
Payments through wire transfer take a minimum of 7 working days for the fund to reflect into our account.