Terms and Conditions

Our focus

The main role of  Tour communito expedition is to create customer-oriented tours and itineraries that show everyone around the globe what Tanzania and Zanzibar have to offer.

We recognize and accept our responsibility to operate in ways that clients’ needs are fulfilled, host communities are benefiting, the economic prosperity of country are enhanced and protection of destinations for future generation are ensured.

Booking Procedures

Booking procedures should be made as early as possible to guarantee the desired tour and departure date. Tour communito expedition will make the best itinerary that suits your desire and wish through correspondence with our team.

The contract between us exists upon confirmation and when the down payment is done. Soon after confirming your holiday, we require a 30% deposit, and full payment should be 45days before the arrival date.

If the deposit is not received, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and apply the cancellation charges accordingly.

After receiving your deposit, we will update your invoice and make all required reservations as per your confirmed itinerary, including sending of booking voucher to accommodations or booking of domestic air tickets.

Last minutes booking will be subjected to the availability of the accommodation in the desired itinerary. If rooms in the preferred accommodations are not available, we will recommend other properties of the same level to meet your desire.

Upon confirmation we require all details from of each pty includes Full name and gender (as per the passport), Age of the children (include the date, month and year of birth); Meal need, Special event want to celebrate during holiday and if there is anything further we need to know for the smooth operation of the booking. If the above details for any member have not been provided, he/she will be liable to the circumstance of improper service provision.

Client with medical need should inform us before confirmation of holiday so we can advise on how we can smoothly handle his/her need.  If we reasonably feel unable to accommodate the particular needs of the person, we must reserve the right to decline the booking or, if full details are not given at the time of booking, cancel when we become aware of these details.

Payment Terms

After confirmation of your booking, we send the invoice to you for payment processes. We require a 30% deposit of the total holiday cost and remained amount should be settled 45 days before the arrival date.

You can make the payment through an online credit card or by bank transfer as per our details provided.

All bank charges are to be settled by the client or agent respectively. This includes transaction fees charged by our bank. The amount shown on the invoice is the amount that needs to reflect in our account and should bank charges have been deducted, we would have to invoice you consequently.

Cancellation Policy

In the event you want to cancel your booking you should inform us in writing and will be subjected to cancellation from the day we receive a notification. The Cancellation charges are uttered by percentage as per below

Period before departure cancellation charges

130 to 65  Days      deposit 30%

64 to 45  Days       50%

44 to 10   Days      70%

9 to 0  Days     100%

We recommend having travel insurance where you can reclaim the charges should the charge comply with the insurance. If the tickets for domestic flights have been issued, the amount for the tickets will not be refunded at any time of cancellation.

Cancellation by Us

We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time before full payment has been received. It may be due to Force Majeure (including and without limitation, acts of God, explosions, floods, tempests, fires, accidents, war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance or requisition, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions or other outwards occurrences)

If the company is affected by force majeure it shall be permitted to and may at its only and absolute caution to cancel any reservations about the holiday. Payment of any refund by the company to you as a result of the non-performance of any company shall use its reasonable activities to repay you where possible. However, the company shall be entitled to deduct from any refund recoverable to the reasonable actual and potential costs to the company of the force majeure.

Travel Insurance

We strongly urge all our clients to purchase travel insurance which covers cancellations, medical needs, damage, and loss of items.

Price change

The price confirmed in the itinerary is based on the current park entry fee, government taxes, and regulations.  In the event we are exposed to a sudden change in government-regulated fees and taxes, we deserve a right to pass any change into client cost.