Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a serious disease that is checked globally and thus identified by the International Health Regulations (IHR), as a Public Health Emergence of International Concern (PHEIC). All PHEIC require specific monitoring procedures and measures that corresponding with and restricted to public health measures to meet the IHR purpose.

Tanzania is charted by WHO as a low risk country because no Yellow fever virus has been isolated in the country. However, the abundance of Yellow fever vector and other favorable ecological conditions pose potential risk for Yellow fever if the virus is introduced into the country. Furthermore, being bordered with Yellow fever endemic countries has also increased the vulnerability of Tanzania being infected with the virus.

In order to imitate to IHR, requirements and safeguard public health security in Tanzania, Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory to travelers arriving from Yellow fever endemic countries. This condition also applies to travelers subjected to long flight connection (transit) in Yellow fever endemic country for twelve hours (12hrs) or more.

Yellow fever vaccination which is given as a single dose should be administered ten (10) days before entering the country. A single dose is capable of providing a life protection against the virus. Exemption due to medical reasons and age (above 60 and below 1 year) should seek medical attention in case of fever, headache and muscle and joint aches. Failure to produce a valid certificate of vaccination against Yellow fever to those eligible may lead to refusal of entry or vaccinated upon arrival and kept under close public health observation for not more than 10 days.

The cost of Yellow fever vaccination is 50 USD for foreigners and 20,000 Tsh for residents and East Africa Community members. Government receipt shall be issued for any vaccination charges paid.

The following are endemic countries for which a valid certificate of vaccination against Yellow fever is a requirement for entry into Tanzania.

Countries from South America
Argentina Colombia Guyana Peru
Plurinational State of Bolivia Ecuador Panama Suriname
Brazil French Guiana Paraguay Trinidad and Tobago
Venezuela (Republic of Bolivarian)
Countries from Africa
Angola Cote d’Ivore Guinea Bissau Senegal
Benin Democratic Republic of Congo Kenya Sierra Leone
Burkina Faso Equatorial Guinea Liberia South Sudan
Burundi Ethiopia Mali Sudan
Cameroon Gabon Mauritania Togo
Central Africa Republic Gambia Niger Uganda
Chad Ghana Nigeria
Congo Guinea Rwanda

Foreigners coming from Yellow fever endemic countries who will not produce a proof of Yellow fever vaccination may lead to refusal of entry or vaccinated and kept under close public health observation for not more than 10 days.

Travelers coming from countries which are NOT IN THE LIST ABOVE will not be subjected to Yellow fever screening and vaccination at points of entry upon arrival.